Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy can help you in many aspects of your life: a repressed childhood, an emotional breakdown, divorce, failure, or loss of a loved one. You can revive your mental health through systematic counseling and treatment.

Couples Therapy

Has your marriage changed? Do you feel like something is missing? Perhaps you find yourself sometimes longing for the days when you were both happy and in love. Our marriage counseling serves as a form of prevention as we work towards communicating the pain points of marriage constructively.

Teen Therapy

For struggling teens, one-on-one counseling with a therapist is beneficial and becomes the catalyst that helps them overcome obstacles, develop healthy interpersonal skills, and form lasting relationships.

Glenda Demas, Founder & Lead Therapist

Hello! I’m Glenda

Psychotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor

Working comfortably with a skilled psychotherapist who understands the implications of a psychological disorder on your physical health is an essential part of creating a healthy mind and body. At Pearls of Change Wellness LLC, we believe that “Together We Can.”

Our Expertise

Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

Stress, Anxiety & Depression can take their toll, but therapy can help you manage it better. Some of our therapy sessions may even equip you with strategies to cope with these problems in the future.

Parenting Support

New parents, overwhelmed parents, and parents facing mental health conditions may benefit from the support of mental health professionals. A therapist or counselor can help parents through difficult situations or behavioral concerns.

Couples Counseling

Any couple can benefit from relationship therapy, including couples that are: the same-gender, have been married for a long time, engaged, or dating. A therapist can help couples work through financial disagreements, parenting frustrations, lack of affection or compassion, infidelity, emotional issues, or even substance abuse.

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We will get to know each other during our brief chat before you decide to book an appointment.

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1st Session!

The initial session will be an initial assessment to discuss the client’s history and treatment needs.

Our Mission

We at Pearls of Change Wellness, will strive to create a therapeutic setting that ensures compassion, acceptance, mutual respect, and empowerment for change reminding our patients that “Together We Can.”

Our Vision

To provide resources covering mental health maintenance through prevention, intervention, treatment, and education.

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